Switch not Booting/Freezing when booting to CFW

Hey There :slight_smile:

i searched around but couldĀ“nt find a topic about the same issue i have. Maybe someone on here can help me. :smiling_face_with_tear:


  1. Switch is booting into sysnand without any problems
  2. when im trying to boot into cfw it freezes on the Nintendo Logo
  3. when im trying to do a GPP Backup i get a error Code <[@lba 00800000> emucc and sd card does not match (boot 1 & 2 works just fine) i can create a emmuc (file or partition both works fine)

What i tried

  1. factory reset Switch
  2. Use several different SD Cards (and also tested them) Formated in FAT32 with GuiFormat
  3. several versions of hekate
  4. do the cfw setup from scratch (without any Programms like daybreak etc)
  5. use restore scripts with TegraExplorer

I recently updated my switch using AIO Updater maybe there is a missmatch between the sysnand and emunand firmware? and if so how can i update the emunand when i cant access it?

i can access the Emmuc and Emmc with TegraExplorer and Browse the Files.
im grateful for any sugesstions and if you need any more information i will provide it.

Thanks in avance for your help (and sorry if my grammar is bad im not a native speaker :wink:)