Switch not booting

I have a switch that I recently purchased for parts, it charges but refuses to turn on or boot up. The Switch logo briefly flashes on screen before it goes blank.

On investigation of the motherboard, it appears that it had previously had a version of SX core installed on it, as all the capacitors on the CPU chip have been knocked/broken off when it was removed (not by me). Other than that, I can’t seen to see any other damage on the board.

My question is, would replacing those capacitors fix the switch booting issue and restore functionality to that motherboard.

Hard to say, but I think replacing them is a good place to start.

The caps on the SoC are just bypass and will not affect it’s ability to boot, though I am assuming your talking only about the two caps which the modchip flex normally connects to

First Nintendo logo then black screen could be any number of things, BQ IC, CPU/GPU regulators and a few other things. My guess would be the previous owner was using the SX modchip for diagnostic purposes…

Does charge current start at approx 0.4A then drop to zero before returning to approx 0.4A or is it contantly an approx 0.4A throughout?