Switch Not turning on again after system shutdown

Hi, i have a Switch which was probably waterdamaged i cleaned everything changed the lcd connector and usb c connector.

When i replug the battery i can turn on the switch and everything works fine but when i do a system shutdown (long press power button and chose shutdown) it wont boot HOS anymore. RCM does not work too. The switch does charge normal with 1.4 Amps but it wont boot anymore. Does anyone know what is causing this fault?

I’d check simple stuff first like trying another battery, i don’t recall but if therm contact/wire was bad then it’s feasable it could display these symptons.

Check battery connector solder joints and measure voltage in the vicinity

Check resistors surrounding bq and make sure none are open.

Check you havent bridged any of the USB pins, check on filters above p13

If you can get it to power on again load Hekate and post image of battery stats etc.

Did you phograph the areas with corrosion (if there was any) before cleaning?