Switch not turning on Big Mystery

Hey Everyone, I am in a really strange situation that I have not encountered before. I bought a broken Nintendo switch and it is not turning on at all. Things that I have tried:
Try a working battery to turn the Switch on. Did not work
Tested all capacitors around the different chips on the front and back of the motherboard. There is not one capacitor shorting.
Therefore I am out of options, as I do not see any strange things on the board. None of the chips seem faulty based on the fact that I havent encountered any shorts.
Checked the screen ribbon cables, but they all seem fine including the backlight.
Does anyone have a suggestion? I really want to try to solve this puzzle :slight_smile:
Hopefully someone has any ideas.

Kind regards,

Wow I found the solution. If anyone else ever get this problem and all readings are fine. Capacitors/voltage etc. Then please check if it is stuck in RCM mode🙈 Using a SD card from my own switch with cfw I was able to boot the normal firmware again. Hopefully this could help other people dealing with this issue!

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+1 check if it is stuck in RCM mode. This has tripped me up before

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