Switch not turning on , faulty Chip ENIJ detected

Hello everybody,
first of all what a great forum! Thanks a lot for this !
About my problem.
Got a Nintendo Switch here that couldn’t be turned on. With the measuring device I got a result of 0.61Amps, after a short time 0.9Amps which is clearly too much. The battery itself charges and has a voltage of 3.7V - 3.9V. But the screen stays black.
After opening the switch and looking for short circuits, I came to this chip that is clearly burned (see picture). I hope someone of you can tell me what kind of chip it is, what it is responsible for and where I can possibly get a replacement.

It’s a BGA chip and you must get it from a donor logic board. I personally did not find it anywhere.
I think he uses 0.3mm balls.

Can you watch and tell me what he writes on his face?

Ty for ur Reply :slightly_smiling_face: allready desolder it , also i got a doner bord…buuut i lost this little piece of s… tiny thingi :see_no_evil:.

I wonder if it there is any difference between EU boards and US boards.
Mine has the label EN56
But in the other Post it has the Label ENIJ :thinking:

After desoldering it (20Pin)and with the discription of the nearby IC’s on the board I think the BGA has something to do with the Audio Codec.

Anyway , yesterday i put everythink together turned the switch Power Button and asap Switch got extrem Hot at the BQ24193 and the Heat Shield and Amps going from 0,5 to 0,9 and 5 seks later zero.

I put my Multimeter out and began to measure the Capacitors in front and backside.
-Caps at BQ = Shorted
-Caps at M92T = OK
-Caps at Video Chip Shoted
-Caps at Main Chip Shorted
-Caps at Audio Codec Short

-After a Short while of thinking i began to desolder
-First Audio Codes = Shorts Stay
-Video IC = Shorts Stay
-BQ = Shorts gone - Bingo !
Too bad that nobody knows the Part of this s… little BGA - have to wait for another broken Switch to look closer at it.

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What do u mean with that ? :thinking::see_no_evil:

EN56 does he have 20 balls ?


took a picture

Interesting , just see that the second row is bridged.
TThat must have happened when I soldered the pins :thinking:

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Clean well the residue of balls and put other new balls. I think he uses 0.3mm balls and then puts it back on the logic board. Good flux AMTECH 223 or 559. Use the hot air station set to 330-350 degrees and the minimum air volume.

I have two boards here, the markings are EN81 and ENA6. Looks like it’s a boost regulator, or a charge pump. I pulled the datasheet of the thing it’s connected to (audio chip) and those pins are used for a charge pump cap.

I did a cursory search for a 20BGA package, and there are a ton. The EN looks to be the chip ID, and the other digits are probably a date code. If you look through datasheets you might be able to find what you need. Good luck.


thats an awesome idea , thanks a lot for this tip !

finaly after weeks(with brakes ^^) i got it !

Its an DAC + Stereo Headphone Amplifier with Electronic Volume (TC94B15WBG)

now i just searching for an supplier… have found some i wrote an inquiry. dont want 2 buy 2,5k pieces ^^

Ty for ur help !

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