Switch oled die after picofly install help

Hello, I installed a picofly on my OLED switch, and I made a tin ball on several components on the side of the point (B) and at first the processor became boiling, then I saw the tin ball in the microscope, so I removed it the processor from the switch is no longer boiling but no sign of life, when I connect to my socket I have 5.52v and 0.49a without a screen (just the battery) do you have an idea? Thank you… 😭 I send you a pics ( sorry jam French )

Do you have idea :sob:? Thanks

first off all clean the solder with IPA and please check you cmd point. Is the line still connected to the CPU? Please meassure the both caps on the cpu with resistence mode. Which values do you got?


I’m not sure I understand how to measure values, I’m an amateur, but this is what I found:

Point CMD ( resistance ) = 4,490

CPU capacitor:
First capacitor 0.19k
Second: 0.18k
Third 0.18k
Fourth: 0.18k
Fifth 0.76k
Sixth: 0.77k
Seventh: 0.77k
Eighth: 0.77k
Ninth: 0.18k
10th: 4,600k

I just reinstalled the Pico Fly

When I start the switchI just reinstalled the Pico Fly

When I turn on the switch, the chip flashes white, then blue, then flashes blue infinity

It’s already a better sign, I think, but no image on the screen

Only one and eight and i need the values of both sides, left and right to ground.

Set your multimeter to resistance mode (Ohm) Black on Gnd,(USB Port) and then other probe left and right.


thank you for your reply

Here’s my test this morning.
Cap test :
1 - 000.7 / 017,7
2 - 000.8 /019,9
3 - 000.7 / 017,7
4 - 000.7 / 017,7
5 - 000.7 / 070,6
6 - 000,7/070,7
7 - 000.7 / 070,6
8 - 000,7/070,7
9 - 000.7 / 017,7

Thanks advance :pray:t2:

Do you have idea ? Thanks


sorry Eastern was the last days. Could you make some images of the points cmd, clk ?

COuld you please measure the clk point resistor? Please direct on the resistor with both probes? Which value has these resistor?


Good morning,
I just tested and I got 3.8/3.6

Omg i change the CMD point and now the switch boot on hekate , but black screen on boot stock , black screen on emunand boot ( cfw )
I try to start OFW , black screen … do you have solution ?
Now iam to copy Emma raw gpp on hekate …
I don’t have idea if it’s good or not

dump keys from emmc using latest lockpick_rcm and then rebuild boot0/1

Thanks so much , do you have tuto because iam afraid to make that , and do you thing it’s not bad resistor ? Because I see that on the internet …

bad 4.7K CMD resistor would lead to pink screen, I am not sure what kind of black screen you involved, 1st logo then black screen or black screen nothing after you select launch option.
Based from the pictures provided, dat0 adapter was there so there were chances boot0/1 corrupted by dat1 point shorted with dat0 with adapter. RST resistors don’t look neat but you could now boot to Hekate so Not a big deal I guess.

I have a black screen with no logo,

Do you have a tutorial or something I can try?


Thanks you I need try tomorrow I say to you if it’s work

Clk pint has 3,8kohm? Or which value…

Faulty resistor results not every time in a pink screen, can also result in a black sceen.

Could you check the cmd point again? Please make some images.

resistance of 4.4, and the switch boot on hekate :pray:t2:, but black screen on OFW AND CFW, I used Tegra explorer, flash firmware 18.0 and I had the HOS error… blah blah blah,

So I re flashed in 17.0 and rebelotte black screen by launching ofw or cfw, and if I launch by clicking on fusee.bin I have the atmosphere logo with a black stripe and the screen becomes white can little pixelate…

I’m lost if someone has an idea :sob:

I’ll post you some pictures


hi again,

thanks. If you can start hekate, then please make a backup of you emmc. Only for sure.

I would do the fowllowing steps. I would remove and please pay attention to it, that you will do it slow, remove the black flex cable. clean all with IPA. and check again for booting up the ofw. I guess you have a short somewhere. You solder work loosk not very good, and its also not needed to use such a big cable for the emmc dat0 connection.

If you have create a backup: First Boot0/1 and then a raw, try to start lockpick to dump your keys. Could you start lockpic?