Switch OLED does not recognize right Joycon in handheld mode

Yesterday I installed a modchip in a customer’s Switch OLED, the modchip worked fine, I closed the console, and when it came the time to configure atmosfere, the right Joycon did not connect in handheld mode, only wireless. I opened the console, tested continuity on the joycon connector, diode voltage drop and resistance values referent to red probe on ground, everything fine. It did not work. Today, I replaced the connector, did not work, replaced it again (the initial replacement was kinda burned), and it worked, but without the joycon animation, I talked to the customer and he accepted to receive it this way, but when I closed it, it stopped working again. Then I opened it again, changed the dc-dc joycon voltage converter, the joycon IC, sometimes it works(without the animation), most of the times, it does not. I noticed that if I turn it on, and it works, it works for the entire time it is on. and if I turn it off and on again, it stops working.
Now I’m thinking of maybe start changing every component related to it, maybe some of them are showing good, but are not.
BTW, did a visual check to see if I had knocked something when installing the modchip, and I did not see any missing components.
Thanks in advance for any help.