Switch OLED emmc restore to new emmc chip

I have a dead emmc OLED device and I backup the rawnand by mmcblknx reader off circuit before. The old emmc worked after dump rawnand for dew hours so I should have a good backup . Then I go order new 64gb emmc.
New emmc arrived yesterday so I start restore via mmcblknx as well. I did winhex sector clone from bin file to new emmc and boot0 boot1 restore via Ubuntu command.
It all goes ok even I tested new emmc in a modded v2 through the emmc PCB adapter. benchmark and hekate emmc table looks good.
So I solder it onto the OLED but it failed to boot. From rp2040 it says emmc init failed by LED error code *=*
I guess I must have missed some steps, any ideas?

My thought would be the PARTTITON GUID didnt get cloned by winhex. Is the GUID same for all switch or it is unique for each device?

Some progress after multiple times reball and disolder, I managed to clone guid to new chip and now I made it semi- working on the OLED. It goes into Hekate as wish yet when boot to OFW it shows purple screen, but when I using hekate lanuch option fusse0 to boot to HOS it works. I replaced to CMD 4.7K ohm resistor still same.

I don’t know what happens there but I also observed that picofly doesn’t not glitch with rebuild nand(orig prod info present) but boots straight into ofw. Blinks short long short. Must launch atmosphere once(fw 17 issue?)

V1 and V2 consoles with damaged emmc/corrupt nand.

With corrupt nand or blank emmc it boots into Hekate. But gives short long short error with rebuild nand.

I’m not sure but I think that with rebuild nand without original prodinfo present it does boot into Hekate.

Hope this helps in some way

@jkyoho do you have orig prod info?

If yes: https://youtu.be/FDAOghK2tHE

Do not use nxnandmanager to write rawnand to emmc like described in the tutorial. Use Hekate instead. Otherwise the picofly won’t glitch afterwards.

If you have not have the orig prod info: