Switch OLED fan runs 100% after turning On


I recently modded an switch OLED model. After a few days, the fan turn on 100% after the nintendo logo on both ofw and cfw. I am suspecting the fan ribbon has been damaged.

Anyone have any clue ?

Thank you

Did you replace the thermal paste and make sure you screw the heatsink in correctly?

I’d be surprised if a damaged ribbon cable to the fan itself caused the voltage to the fan to go up.

Sounds like theres a genuine heat dissipation issue likely caused by separating the heatsink from the board and not re-applying new or suitable replacement paste.

I would double check the ribbon and connector. I had a normal switch where the replacement fan I used had a slightly longer cable and it was putting weird pressure on the connector making it stay on all the time… so it is possible. I would start by checking the easy things. Reseat the cable, and as mentioned check the thermal paste.