Switch Oled - new component next to BQ24193 - barrier diode?

Hi all, can anyone confirm this component is a barrier diode? (perhaps a CUS10S30)

{pics to follow in my reply}

It wasn’t on the non-Oled Switch and I think the one I have on my Oled Switch is faulty… I’m considering not replacing it if non-critical.
Open to suggestions


What am I doing wrong? It says “An error occurred: Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.” when I try to add a pic

It’s been there since NS lite if you’re talking about that little guy.
If your Vsys(2R2 Inductor) diode/resistance reading is normal, you can ignore it, and I believe v2 mariko board doesnt have it by default.

Thanks jkyoho

The Switch wasn’t turning on and it wasn’t taking a charge either, but there was no short.
My voltage drop on Vsys was 0.08 and after removing nearly all the IC’s looking the culprit, I think it was actually this guy all along. I say that because the voltage drop is now in the 0.4 region on Vsys.

Vsys voltage drop is around 0.10x V~0.11x V from V2,lite board AFAIR. I don’t think 0.08 reading is too far off.
Oh and I meant v2 some early board does not have this diode but most do, I just saw the v2 board on my bench has it. LOL
I recalled my memory removing the diode does not effect the Vsys voltage drop reading, memory maybe wrong…

Well it was a red herring…
The voltage drop did increase, but it did not solve my problem.