Switch Oled no boot after system update

Hi Guys,
got a switch from a friend. He report that he has dock the switch during a system update, leave the house and come back. The Switch has a error but he doesnt read it. Press okay, and since these ok the switch doesnt power on. No boot, Ampmeter shows first stage boot with 0,41-0,49ma.

Check for Shorts on MT, BQ, Pi3 but no shorts detected.

Install a wire to gnd and 2,2 Resistore and insert 4,2v to switch. No shorts, power on via button and measure the MAX 77620 chip and almost all rails have the correct voltage. Input is 4,2V

Only VDD_1V3 has 0 power, but should have 1,3V

See image.

Replace the Max chip with a good known chip, but got the same result.

These line runs to the Max on the front site. MAX77621. (lines in red)

Any ideas. MAX77621 was not replaced yet.

Thanks in advance.

Remove emmc and try to dump the content. The emmc was dead. Replace with an empty emmc and solder in a picofly. OLED was fixed but no backup means no online boot. Actually try to restore the system and install Atmosphere.

You could dump rawnand from programmer to salvage the contents required for online feature unless the old emmc totally not accessible.