Switch OLED Right Joycon doesnt work

Hello guys,

I’m still learning how to repair and I bought a very cheap oled console, already modified, but with a fault in the right joycon.
The console works perfectly, only the right joycon doesn’t work on handheld mode.

After opening the console, I compared the capacitor values next to the joycon connector with a good motherboard and I noticed that this capacitor has no value on the diode scale and should be around 0.900

I’ve also noticed that the console is in the above state, but measuring the values and comparing them with a working board, they are the same.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.


Replace red circled IC and also check Yellow dataline has continuity from end to cpu edge scratch

Yellow dataline have continuity.
I will replace the IC and test…
Thank you!

Do you have any idea if there is exactly the same chip on normal Nintendo switch ? I have some doner boards and I can take from them instead of ordering it if possible.

Thank you once again

I don’t record any other device using this ic but AJZ Which may not be compatible for this

While waiting for the AJZ chip, I changed the joycon connector, the capacitor nearby and also connected the 2 points that were scratched to make sure they had contact.

It solved the problem, and now the joycon works perfectly.

But just in case, I’m still going to replace the AJZ chip.

Thank you very much for your help

Great you solved this. I wasn’t realize you were missing the resistor at the very first (parallel with another one) at the beginning.