Switch Oled with broken battery connector

Just got this switch with a broken battery connector. I already figured out alternative bat+ and bat- points, but i’m not sure about the middle pin (sensor?).

It seems like this pad does not connect to the trace below, and i’m almost sure I can run a wire from this test point to the connector, but this tiny dot in the middle of the pad is the reason why i’m unsure.

Can I really use this test point or is there a better one in the other side of the board?

It seems like a can’t post images or links, you can see what I mean on this imgur link:


The tiny dot is what you need, and since you ripped the pad so the top test pad has no connection to this tiny over layer via.
The middle pin(temp sensor) goes all the way to the back side MAX170505 A1 which is also the arrow I pointed here:

Thanks a lot, once the connector arrives I will try!