Switch only charge with 5V at .46mA missing 15V

I am trying to fix a switch board HAC-CPU-10 that only charge with a 5V charger using the nintendo official there ir no 15V in the fuse. What I checked (in diode mode):

  • Fuse is ok
  • M92T36 pin 6 cap is messuring 35
  • M92T36 pin 36 is messuring 0 on both sides
  • PI3USB caps around it are messuring 35 (removered the IC and still same values)
  • When connecting 5V charger (mobile charger) pin 6 has 3,3V
    Any idea how to proceed?
    Thanks for your help

m92t likely bad. And what your value 35 means? 0.350v in diode or 0.035v?

hi jkyoho
value 35 messured in all caps around pi3 and pin 6 cap is 0.035 in diode mode
also looks like the cc1 line is shorted, I desoldered m92t36 and now 0L messured at cc1 and cc2 test points in side B of the board (same on side A)
Today I’ll change with a new M92T36 and share results

Changed the M92T36 and 15V returns back to the board