Switch only taking 5V - shorts around M92T36 - no boot


I just got back my HAC-CPU-20 board from a repair technician. The conclusion of the technician is that the board is a ‘nofix’ but I wanted to investigate a bit more.

  • console does not boot (black screen)
  • connected to the genuine nintendo dc adapter, the board takes only 5V
  • the technician changed both M92 & BQ ics
  • no short around BQ
  • M92 chip was replaced several times & keeps burning
  • shorts on the caps connected to VCCIN & VDDIO pins of the M92
  • no short around PI13USB
  • connected to a USB-A charger, the boards takes 5V 0.14A (I don’t have a USB-C current meter)
  • battery is fine as it is charging on a different board and reads 4.1V

It would be great if someone could help figuring out what is the root cause of the issue.