Switch Only Works In Docked Mode

I’ve got a Switch in for repair and there is no back light or picture on the screen, I’ve force restarted it and nothing, upon opening it up I can see visible corrosion around the cables for the battery, back light and the charging circuitry as well as on the back around the same places as the later mentioned parts.

I’ve cleaned everything up as best I can still nothing from the switch in handheld mode, I used diode mode and continuity to check the chips that deal with charging and video to no avail.

There are no shorted caps the usual suspects that indicate a bad chip etc, I did get a shorted cap around the M92T36 chip but that seem to clear it’s self after I disconnected the battery and reconnected it, it doesn’t short any more.

Anything else I can try before I swap out the LCD since the back light cable had corrosion on in, I’ve cleaned it all up nicely the cable had a charred mark on the fourth pin from the left if you were to flip it on its back from the socket.

Any help will be appreciated, thanks in advanced.

P.S. everything functions fine, it charges fine, it turns on, shows correct voltages, works with sound being played just no picture unless I dock it.