Switch overheats as fan does not spin, but the fan works in another Switch

Hi All

I have a Nintendo Switch that is overheating, and I cannot figure out what the problem is. I have changed the fan with a replacement one, but the fan will still not spin, so I got hold of my son’s working Switch and tried the original fan and the new one in it and they work just fine. So, I decided to totally strip out the mouther board give It clean with IPA and put all the ribbon cables back in case one was knocked loose. The switch is now back together and Woking as before but the fan still does not work and the Switch overheats. Has anyone got any ideas to help me out, any help would be much appreciated,



Hi Sean,

How does the latch look on the fan connector? sometimes one of the two or both notches either side snap and it doesn’t put enough pressure on the ribbon cable, in cases like this you can just put a new latch in but tbh it’s a pita and I find it easier to replace the entire connector.

The other option is a failure of the supply, there is a few topics here which cover just that issue

Thanks for the reply, the fan connector looks fine, I even put slight pressure on the connector to see if the fan starts up put it did not.
I did a search of failure of the supply on here and could not find anything, could you point me in the right direction.

I forgot to mention, does your board have the diode present directly behind the fan connector? only some rev boards have them, if it does then that is very likely your issue due to a failure of it.

The supply is provided by way of a mosfet, but I would expect other issues if that was the cause, but keep that in your back pocket in case the diode is not the issue :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice, after reading this I had a look on YouTube about the Switch and diodes and found this film to locate the diode, followed his instructions and removed it I didn’t even have to heat it up, it came off with tweezers. Now the fan spins as normal and all is good.

Thanks for the point in the right direction