Switch PI3USB30532 burned


I habe a Switch, that has a burned PI3USB30532, plus a few parts near it.
It looks like the USB connector is defective and electricity went, where it shouldn’t. Also one of the capacitors near the charging IC is shorted.
I haven’t checked the charging chip, yet. I guess I have to change that, too.

My question is, what are the parts under PI3USB30532, that I need to change? And what else should I check, that might be defective as well?

I took the image of the shorted capacitor of the wiki. Sadly I don’t have any more pictures right now, but can take more later today or tomorrow, if needed.

I can’t add media items, will try and add them in a reply.

Thanks in advance.


this is pretty typical, it’s a coin flip if the SoC has survived

Remove the P13 IC first, see if the short over by the M92 has cleared, I myself regardless of if the short has cleared would go ahead and replace the M92 as a matter of course (incase it has some other internal fault which could potentially damage the SoC if it isn’t already) then go ahead and remove the defective USB also, bear in mind the hidden row of pins you can’t see - if this is your first time removing the USB practice elsewhere on the same or similar device as it’s common people will pull every hidden pad row on first attempt which is a pain to fix.

You’ll likely find two traces/pads at the P13 are burn’t out and will need rebuilt, you’ll need to get all the carbon out prior to reinstating the pads… I would check the console actually works first though before bothering following the M92 replacement

the damaged component below the P13 is a filter, search the forum as I believe @jkyoho has provided a link to this part, but again, don’t bother replacing it until you know the console boots/SoC is good.

Hi, sorry for the late reply.

I finally found enough time to work on the board, as it was a real pain. You helped me a lot and thank you very much! I retraced the burned traces and replaced the P13 and the USB port. I didn’t replace the M92, because it didn’t seem to be necessary. The cap near M92 that was shorted to ground, isn’t anymore. Please look at my messy repair in the pictures I provided 8)

It worked. I got an image and the battery loaded.

Buuuut, it looks like I knocked a component off near MAX7762, while reassembling…

There seems to be something shorted, too, but as far as I researched, it may just be my multimeter, because it has so little resistance, 19 ohm in my case.

Now I need to know, what that component was. Can you, @Severence or someone else help me out here?