Switch Port- USB PWRWAVE Issue?

Just replaced a damaged USB-C port on a switch. With the new port it is charging only in one direction, not out putting video. Assume it’s a problem with the hidden row of pins, I’m actually able to check their diode mode values though and they’re correct. All other pins values are correct as well, minus the 5th pin in from the left on the top row of pins, I believe is USBPWRWAVE? I’m getting 1.7~ voltage drop to ground. I can trace that pin to it’s test pad, but I’m kind of at a lost what is going on from here. Any help appreciated, thanks.

A5 is a one of the both CC lines which tells the m92t36 which way around the usb c plug is inserted in the port.

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That makes sense, I did find the same incorrect voltage drop on pin 35 of m92. When I get a chance here soon I’ll try replacing m92. Seems like a very weird failure though, I couldn’t find anything else in the path of CC1 but I also didn’t oscope it or anything.

Some boards have on side A an esd protection ic. But in case of a fault it would ground the line.

yup replaced M92T36, and it works now. Thanks calvin.