Switch powers on for a second then turns off


I am having a problem with a switch where it will turn on for about 1-2 seconds showing the switch logo then turn off. the only way i can get this to repeat is by either pulling the battery out or holding down the power button. at a complete loss with this one. any ideas on what is going on? the only thing i have really tried so far is another battery.

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You see that in the forum there are open threads with the same problem as yours, some of them have already found a solution, maybe this will you help. You must measure certain components of it with a multimeter and communicate a result. Check the M92t36 and BQ24193 chips and capacitors around them for the first time …

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Thanks for the reply. i have checked those already (they seem to be good to me) and i should have mentioned it so that my fault not providing all the information. i had a search around the threads and they didn’t seem to match the problem i am having unfortunately.