Switch Pro Controller, ripped pad


I got a broken Switch Pro controller. The previous owner has tried to replace the analog stick. There were couple ripped pads which I managed to fix with jumper wires. However, one of the ripped pads goes to inside the PCB and probably connects under the main chip. The pad is for the middle connector of the potentiometer (very crucial).

Is there any way to fix these kind of ripped pads?

Maybe the colors aren’t clear for me, but it looks as though the area highlighted in red still has the majority of it’s pad remaining, If that’s the case then you can wrap a strand of copper from a multi core conductor around the pin and then solder it to the remaining pad. You could even use the leg of a resistor here instead of a strand for more strength.

If in fact the pad is missing completely, the area highlighted in blue is the VIA, you can scratch back the mask with a scalpel/X-Acto making sure to not accidentally scratch back the ground plane increasing the risk of a potential bridge and then perform the same steps as above.

Afterwards, coat in UV mask to give the repair some strength.

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Thanks! I am pretty sure there is no conductive material left in the marked red area.

I looked closer the blue area (via) and there was actually a bit of copper left under the mask. I think I can fix this with a jumper wire and with some UV solder mask.

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