Switch PROBLEM turns on with Nintendo LOGO and then Battery Symbol

Hey, hope you can help me,
have a switch , if i starting the Nintendo logo comes and then the battery symbol is just showing on the corner.

Tried with another battery, changed the M92 Chip, changed the BQ Chip and it still just showing it.

Also was charing a while. if i plug the charger in, it shows next to the battery the thunder …

here the pics …first nintendo for 2 sec. then the battery logo

I think it means it need to charge

Test the red wire voltage on the battery rail (with the battery in) when plugged in? Should be more then 3.7 volts. If it is, blame the battery. If its not, its not receiving enough power. I would like to see your solder joints on those chips you replaced? Please upload photos?

Seems like it’s not taking charge, could it be an autoRCM switch?

I just was charging yesterday and then it turns on. I just was waiting little bit. So solved :slight_smile:

Yep. This is the “Dead Battery State” where boot will be halted until the battery reaches a certain threshold. The M92 handles this situation (it’s documented in the data sheet) and allows the power subsystem to re-establish itself without any intervention from the PMIC. This process takes time as even with the OEM charger, the process is trickle charge only (0.42A normally). Once the threshold is reached, the PMIC kicks into life and permits fast-charging to initiate.