Switch shows charging indicator but no power going through

Hi all,

So my Switch shows as charging on the home screen but there is now power going through it and the battery decreases when left on in this state.

What are the first things I should check please?

usb meter check voltage& current.
Most case bad M92t

Thanks for your reply,

On quick testing nothing appeared out or norm.

Looks like it has had a new charge port at some point and it was messy, flux and ironed the top set of pins and they came out clean but who knows what the other set look like, that’s a job for tomorrow!

Please see the pictures for the bad stuff!


Sadly a good battery didn’t fix the charging problem.

Do you get battery voltage reading if you measure between 1st/2nd and 4th/5th pin of the battery connector?

I would check in diode mode (no battery, no power supply, red probe on ground, black probe on pin/pad to check) if there are similar values at the connector and the Q24193 ic.

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3.9 from the battery

325 from the pins and pads

What are your voltage / diode mode readings at the bq24193 (second pic) ?

That was it,

Battery put out 3.9v and all points marked orange in the pic read 325 (sorry, i dont know what this is measured in!)

The unit is mV in diode mode. It the voltage drop from the internal power supply from the multimeter from ground (red probe) to the pad/pin of interest (black probe). 0 mV means direct contact -> continuity; and oL means no contact between the probs. The measurements between the both extrems could be used for comparision to a known working board for fault finding.

Please check the pins at the bq24193 for similar readings. Pin 1 is the red 495 on the right from the ic and goes ccw around the ic. So BAT pins are #13 and #14.
And check if the voltages @ VBUS, BAT, SYS and TS are present.