Switch stuck on logo / wifi problem

I had a Switch that was stuck on the Switch logo. Found a couple of shorts around the M92T36 but didn’t have parts so I decided to heat up the wifi chip while waiting for parts to come in. I know it’s stupid but I got this for $50 so decided to have some fun with it. Now the Switch boots up all the way but there are wifi problems, sometimes it doesn’t give me option for wireless connect, sometimes it gives me that option but cannot connect to any network, sometimes it connects to network but cannot download anything. Once in a while it would go back to getting stuck on the Switch logo. Do you guys think the wifi chip is now messed up from heating or would the M92T36 chip will solve all the problems above?

PS - before I heated up the wifi chip the Switch would not boot past the Switch logo at all. During my first run with the heat gun, the Switch booted up to the logo and went into the orange light (first time that happened), then when I applied heat again the Switch booted all the way up.

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The Switch is now stuck on the Switch logo today after a couple days of booting up fine. Once in a while I would get the orange screen. But mostly it boots up to the Switch logo and makes a loud static click when I force it to power off.

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So the problem of it getting stuck on the switch logo is actually something I’ve ran into whilst helping people with the recent SX modchip installation, there’s 2 capacitors in parallel to the left of the tegra (usb-c port being “bottom”) and those capacitors being damaged results in the same behaviour. However it’s actually caused by not being able to initialize the bluetooth/wifi on boot2(?) stage, which could indeed be due to that chip failing. There are 2 test pads on the outside for VSS and VDD that you can test to make sure it’s being powered up. But the loud popping noise when powering off is due to the system just forcibly powering off and the discharging on the speaker, it sounds way worse than it is :joy:

If you inspect those caps and their either missing or damaged, they’re 0.1uf 0201.

Hope this helps! Though I know this is a little bit of an old post :sweat_smile: but maybe it’ll help somebody else too!