Switch takes charge (15v 0.5a) then it falls to 0a. It will boot to the first nintendo logo then goes black

Hi guys,
I’m really struggling to know what happened with this one. I replaced M92 and fixed a couple of bits. It looked like the previous charge port was melted by previous attempted repairs, so took this off too.
I got it to the point where it would boot up and was working (just missing the charge port). Replaced the charge port (my first time doing it, so probably not the best job) - and encountered the above - it accepted power and then died to 0a upon boot up. Goes to the first nintendo screen then goes to black.

I’ve taken the charge port off, but still will not get past the first nintendo screen, it just goes to black. :frowning:

Had the same issue, try to use tegrarcm and paperclip hack to start hekate or start tegra explorer and perform a system wipe on sysnand.

Good luck.