Switch turns immediately off after plugging charger

Hello there,

My switch had a shorted BQ and a blown usb fuse. I replaced them and now turns on correctly. However, if I plug a USB cable it turns off immediately. I measured and it correctly negotiates 15V (I assume the PI3USB must be working?) but doesnt seem to pull any current since it doesnt charge. Doesnt matter if I plug it while off, no charge.

What could be the issue? Should i suspect the BQ? Seems like it should be ok since it is new, but who knows… The fuse did not blow again and this turnoff issue is 100% reproducible every time I plug it. I aslo tried plugging it to a 5V usb source and it doesnt turn off but doesnt charge.

A bit of backstory: found the device off one day. Wouldn’t charge nor turn on. Found a dead battery (0V) and burnt usb fuse. A new battery showed that BQ would heat up like crazy, so it was shorted. Replaced them and now stuck in this situaton. Im tenpted to replace the MT and PI3USB…