Switch usb-c issue

I recently replaced a usb port on my kids switch( it had bent pins and wouldn’t charge.) I’m new to micro soldering but I feel like it went pretty good. Anyway now it’s charging but only at .46a and only on one side of the usbc. Iv let it charge overnight but the system dies after the Nintendo logo. Could this be due to the hidden pins on the usb port or should I be looking more towards a bad battery or ic chip. Iv checked for shorts around the common failure ic chips and nothing jumps out.

Send it for fixing at a repair shop. Trust me I’m too deep in and spent a switch worth of money trying to fix it but since I’m too deep in it’s quickly becoming a hobby. 89 is possibly what you get to spend on the repair. Do it it’s for your kid and possibly the countless hours spent on the device.

Check for shorts around the major ic. My bet is on m92t36

Yes, I already replaced the charging port and the pins are correctly installed…
The power chip, the m92t36, usually gets damaged and shorts out…
solution…change ic and that’s it

change ic m92t36 at temperature from 360 to 390 with 40¡ of air protect nearby modules and good luck