Switch usbc A8 line reads 0 in diode mode

Switch doesn’t dock but plays handheld. Just replace m92 chip

This circled section is measures 0.

Planning to change out the usbc port unless someone could chime in


I believe that pin on the usb c line feeds to the sbu1 line under the video chip

Trace on usbc reads 0 but the prong under video chip has the normal diode reading

Do you get an output on the TV screen if you plug the dock usb c plug the other way round?
And do you get at the filter for SBU1 and SBU2 on the side to the usb c port a diode mode value around 750mV?

Hi Calvin. Thanks for the input again as always.

I actually found out what causes it and I think it might be the cause for my other switch that you chimed in as well where the cc line is reading 0 on usbc pads.

Looking under a microscope. I notice something is joining the pins together(right side of chip). Big chip above the video chip, after cleaning that and junk gone. It’s works perfectly fine now.

I will see if I replace that chip on the other switch that has 0 reading on Cc line and let you know if that’s where that causing the cc line to be 0 too

Thanks again