Switch v1 board No power multiple shorted components

Just bought a version 1 switch tablet(HAC-CPU 21) no history of repair, so upon checking the board, got multiple caps shorted around m92 ic and another on bq24193.
from my understanding some of those shorted caps, is on 3v3 rail and 1.8(correct me if im wrong) so decided to remove the m92, bq, and p13 IC’s and move the other side of those shorted caps to see if either of these components is causing the short. i dont want to remove the PMIC yet, though i got another cap on top of max77620 shorted as well. so im guessing its the PMIC. (but not quite sure though) just wanted to seek professional advice first. im not really that of an expert, when it comes to these switch boards. im still learning thru reading on these kind of forums.

please see attached pictures for diode mode readings and shorted caps

this is my voltage check with battery and charger connected.
The top right coil you have 0.008 seems abnormal.

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