Switch V1 - looks like new, but dead

I got a faulty Erista-Console and the battery was completely drained. I charged it via USB at 5V 0,43A.
Battery is now at 3.5V. So i guess M92T36 and BQ-Chip are good.
But Console does not turn on. It has NO REACTION. No backlight, not even a raise in current-consumption when pressing power-button.
Pin 5 and Pin6 on M92 have 3.3V-3.5V.
Power-Rails 1.8V, 3.3V are present.
PI3USB has no short and 3,3V.

Has anybody suggestions, what to check next?


It is not recognised by Dock.
Is not recognised via USB.
Without EMMC is does not get into RCM-Mode.

It is like Power-On circutry is not operational.

Has anybody seen similar issues?

diode reading on type-c port breakout 24pins?
checked short around m92t?


no shorts on M92, Volatges there seem okay.
Diode-Readings on USB-C I will do next.

USB-C Didoe Values are good. They are similar to this PiC:

How can I check, if “Start”-Trigger for CPU is present?

some progress, but I am not sure how to deal with.

If I attach the Board to USB of Computer, it goes into RCM Mode. With EMMC it does nothing.
So it seems like something happended to the EMMC or its content.

Any suggestions?

I was able to start Hekate and everything seems fine.
But Fuel Gauge reports battery capacity (design) 1000mAh and it is marked red.
I will charge battery more. maybe I have a battery issue.

Is there a way to check in Hekate, if EMMC and SOC are matching? I got the console from brickyard …

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run emmc bench test to see if it runs ok.
I remember cal0 can detect if emmc match to CPU.