Switch V2 Fell In Washer


My name is Cesar and I’m fairly new to electronic repairs. My SO threw her V2 Switch in for a wash along with her clothes, and now it does not want to power on. Luckily, I have all the tools that I need to repair the motherboard, but I do need guidance with diagnosing!

I’ve isolated the motherboard, cleaned minimal corrosion with 99% iso, and put everything back together, but no dice :confused: I decided to open it back up and test various components with a multimeter and sure enough, there were many shorts. The issue is that I lack the required knowledge to further narrow the problem down from here. I’m determined to fix this, so any help would be highly appreciated.

Here is an Imgur link with the shorted components!
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Reached a higher trust level! Here’s the image with shorted components.