Switch v2 Not powering on, 15V@0.5A w/bat, 15V@.07A w/o bat

Hello, I’ve got this Switch v2 which refuses to power on, no screen nothing. Amp meter shows 15V@0.5A with just the board and battery connected, with battery unplugged it shows 15V@0.07A. I am unable to find any shorts. The BQ chip is the only thing that lights up on the thermal camera, I replaced it and it’s doing the same. One thing that might be important is it Does get RCM OK when plugged into PC without the EMMC. Something I think is wrong but have no idea why is one of the caps next to the BQ chip reads a full 1V drop in diode mode. I’ve also tried replacing the M92 and the MAX 77812 I believe it is. Oh and the battery shows 3.91V. This is essentially a brand new switch that had a failed install of the HWFLY chip, obviously something went wrong. I couldn’t locate an image showing where to check voltage rails for a mariko but I was able to find 3.3v and 1.8v based on the erista image. Fuse is good and 15V is going through it. Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated.

BQ pin1 or pin24 got 1v diode reading is normal on v2 board. RCM ok when EMMC unpluged also normal(happens for all NS board).
What voltage do you have when bat and charger plug-in around MAX77812?
Did you check CPU top cap solder joint since you mentioned this device been failed modded?

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All the places that would be touched by the mod seem visually fine. Here’s an image of the voltages I could find near the MAX 77812 while the battery and charger were both plugged in. Most of the stuff not labeled I believe were 0.0006 / 0.0055 like the cap on the bottom left.

MAX77812 battery and charger

I cleaned the board in the ultrasonic and something changed slightly. Now when I plug in the power with No battery I get 15V@0.13A and if I hold the power button down for about 5 seconds I see the amps change to 0.03A and stay there. Also after cleaning and before reconnecting all the cables, I saw my meter come up with 5.2V ish briefly but I can’t reproduce this.