Switch weird glitching (graphic artifacts)

Hello everyone!

Got problem with my Nintendo Switch. When playing 3D games, graphic artifacts appear - part of the image (models, textures, polygons idk) flickers black. This happens both in the dock and in the portable. In two-dimensional games, this problem is not observed.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee. Console is a year and a half old, did not drop, did not fall, did not fill with water. What could be the problem and can I do something about it? :<

Live in small city in Russia, so there is not so many services that could dyagnosis Switches.

Link to a video (sorry for that, but this problem hard to discribe):


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It may be a problem at SoC Nvidia Tegra or DRAM but it may be another component on the board. Try to do a reflow if you have the opportunity, to SoC Nvidia Tegra and DRAM and see if something changes. Hot air station, 350 degrees and moderate hot air flow. A good flux respective Amtech nc 559. Time to reflow around 7-10 min. Care does not keep the nozzle very close to the processor and DRAM.

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Thanks a lot for the advise. I’ll give that a try!

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It’ll be your nvidia chip mate there will be a fault concerning that you need a new switch if you can’t get a donor board because it’ll require a donor board

That is right. If the Nvidia Tegra SoC is deteriorate, then it will clearly need another functional motherboard.

good job ^___________^