Switch with water damage noch longer starting, 1V3 Rail missing at Max77620

Hey guys,

I have a Mariko switch in front of me that has a lot of water damage (maximum in the area of the Max77620).

After cleaning with isopropanol + inspection with a microscope, I noticed that the background flat cable is damaged (but can be fixed with a repair pad). The LCD connector had a bent pin, but I was able to straighten it under the microscope.

USB port is adequate after testing with the help of a breakout board.
The switch also charges the battery when connected to the power supply.

However, when measuring the Max77620, I noticed that the 1.3V rail is not present, the 1.0 rail is at approx. 0.8V, the rest looks ok.

When I connect the switch to the lab power supply with 4.2V via VBAT, it draws 0.046A.

Since I didn’t get any further with the information from Retrosix, I wanted to ask here if anyone else has any ideas.

Thank you very much.