Switch won’t boot or enter maintenance mode

Hey there

I have a switch That will boot to Nintendo logo, and switch logo.
It does show that you can charge it.
But that’s as far as it goes
I’ve tried entering maintenance mode
And every tip and trick I can see online
But I do not know what’s going on
I’m looking for advice/what to do next?

I’m not that great with electronics
Yes, I can solder a little bit

So you mean stuck at switch/2nd logo?

Yes. With no access to maintenance mode
I did discover that this is a V1
Stock firmware

very likely you need a wifi chip replace. Find a local experience tech to do it for you

So I checked the capacitors near/around the Wi-Fi chip
There is no short to ground

Do you have any other ideas?

I did try a different battery today
That didn’t fix the problem either

Here’s an update
I bought the jig
I am able to boot into hekate.

So it’s not completely broken
It’s just I don’t know where to go from there

I have discovered that I’m running OS 18.0.1

I need a way to force/update the OS
Or reflash The same os/Firmware or newer

But because I can’t boot into the system fully
And I’m stuck at second logo

I would appreciate the help