Switch wont boot

I have a switch that was liquid damaged. The corrosion was around the m92 with no shorts. I did replace that alone with PI3. The unit will charge battery at the .43 but no boot. With the emmc connected it will attempt boot and the soc gets hot for a second as the amps go to .49. I have checked with a known good and the amps seems normal as it starts then would fast charge. This unit does not fast charge. Odd enough or to me is with the emmc removed i can inject hekate gui and that will run. I am new to that and from what i can see all is working. It populates info for fuel gauge, soc and other info. I have been through the board and cant find any shorts. To me and my previous experience with computers if the soc was dead or shorted i shouldn’t be able to get anything including hekate. Anyone have ideas what to check or look for?

To add to diagnosis, tried to boot l4t shows ubuntu logo then soc gets hot again for a second and powers back down. Appears that the pmic is finding a problem and killing power.