Switch wont switch to tv mode and only have auto and 480p res

Hey there, huge fan of the videos!
I’m in need of some advice regarding my switch, I no longer have any resolutions above 480p, the handheld device wont dock for tv but will charge when docked and green light is shown for tv connectivity. We had the charging port replaced 3 months ago. We have tried a known working dock still same issue, it wont output to tv. Any ideas would be greatly welcomed.

Replace pi3usb chip, since mt92 chip seems to work (charges and dock reacts)

when i had the charging port replaced, they replaced the p13usb chip could the replacement one be defective? and is this chip responsible for resolution settings and docking connectivity?

Does a usbc to usb3 cable work / does the switch get detected on a pc?

It could be that the chip is broken, it handles hdmi and usb3 on the usb port
Sometimes you get brand new chips delivered which are unfortunatly broken

Did u replace the p13usb chip again and if so did it work.