Switch wont turn on, battery is full but no boot

Hi Guys,

I’m wondering if you could me give some insight on my switch. I haven’t touched it for a month and after it won’t turn on after leaving it charging.

I opened the switch, checked the battery to be nearly full. I plugged the charger in with my power meter, it’s stuck at 0.46 amps and 5 volts. Ive taken a photo with a flir camera and noticed that the charging IC (BQ24193) was getting hot around to 65C (150F). I also noticed that one capacitor (photo attached) near that IC was shorted on both sides. After removing the charging chip, the short is still there. I’m going forward with ordering and soldering a new charging chip in place of the old one. Im not to knowledge on working on this, maybe I did something totally useless, so is there anything that you guys recommend me to do.


Um looks like I can’t upload photos for now

How much current does it draw without battery?

Il have to get back to you on that, the battery management ic is already off. I attached the images. Also are there any resources for reliably ordering ICs?

If the short on the cap isnt gone, than the Chip isnt the fault.

Also it’s normal for the BQ to be this warm (thats why there is a small pad on it, which connect the Chip to the metal shell)

You should First remove the Shorted cap, if the short is still present, you can try to inject voltage on the shorted side (one side is Always ground, just measured the resistances).

Some caps around BQ are connected to the left side of the board where the MAX IC is (right under the APU) and also goes into the APU, as far as I know. So Maybe you have a Bad APU.

There are some threads here with the resistances, so you can messure and See if any values are off

The arrow you pointing is a 0.x ohm resistor, it’s not capacitor and its normal if you have short/beep when test.
BTW, BQ at 50~60 degree when charging battery is normal

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Ah yes, didnt saw the picture with the arrow.

So thats good, change (or remove at first) the M92 and see if it will boot

Ok thanks, il replace m92 and BQ24 IC’s and get to it on here. With what jkyoho said, the BQ24 was good and seems to be not the issue.

Yes the temps are normal for this chip.

Before installing a New M92, you can simple remove it and start the switch with a good charged battery and the Power Button.

It should turn on and Boot into home screen, then showing an error.

That way you can See if it’s a Problem with your M92