Switch won't turn on!

Hey Guys,

I have a question because an faulty switch i have checked anything and my friend tell me its brocken after change the case. I have checked anything and have found 1 capacitor that shortet. Becauee of that I have changed the M92T36 chip there is nothibg change on the capacitor. The BQ24193 chip will heat up that I cant touching after i plug it to charge. Charging funktion with 15v by 0.22A or 4.96V by 0.46A. I dont know whats wrong :frowning: all capacitor on the BQ chip are okay.

Pls help me best regards

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The BQ24193 gets always very hot at the beginning of charging a nearly empty battery. That should be ok.

I would check the other pins in the same row of the M92T36 and on the backside at Side-A the marked cap.

The capacitor way (pin of the M92T36 and the capacitor is okay) on the backside the capacitor ist okay but how I can test the EN ? And if I gorgt it to say i after i have remoced the M92T36 the capacitor was shortet too withozt thr M92T36 chip :confused:

Check if the diode mode values are similar to those on the picture. If the right side of the cap shows something around 620mV I would expect that the EN isn t effected from the short in the VDDIO line.

I would check the display connector for bend pins.

On my switch it is 625mV i think there is all okay.

The pins are okay i think because i cant sew anything :confused:

Is the switch dead?

Before calling the Switch dead, I would check farther. This line could be found on both sides of the board at several spots. You said that the Switch was working and stopped it after a case swapping, so I would try to focus first on the areas of the connectors (display, game card reader, cpu fan, backlight, speaker) to look for visible damage.
If you can t find something, I would give ice spray or a thermal cam a try. The place where it shorts out should be getting warm.

Hey Calvin,

Here is the pictures :wink: without ice spray that I will buy tomorrow. But you can see anything here.RB00002X RB00001X

check for bent pins on the LCD connector. It looks like you have a lot of heat around that connector.

I have checked the connector. There is a pin lost. But the switch dont turn on. On the backside there is the heat came from look at this picture


I have good news it was the lcd connectior after i have removed the switch function on the docking mode. Yet i need to replace them. I will replace it thank you for your help.

Nice to hear. :grinning:

But calvin have you a tip to replace the connector ? Because one of my connectors are yet broken (new one)

I never soldered a lcd connector back my self yet. But from my experience from changing usb-c ports I would recommend heating it up carefully from the backside with hot air. From the topside I was never able to get the solder liquid before melting the connectors (Beside the battery connector).

Here is a link to video how I would try it myself: _https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snaq4r6DDeo

yeah it takes more precision to do it. After all, melting point for the connector material is lower than the solder. i would recommend to use the Aluminum foil to cover the the surrounding area as it can lower the heat.

I have replaced several connectors and and if you want to take a connector from another board i recommending that you add low melt solder on all pins and alot of premium flux.

Its really easy that way, without damage the connector :+1:t2: