SX Core works once and not

I have such a problem.
I installed the SX Core (seems to be the original one) to my Switch v2.
The problem is that once a blinking blue LED appears and Hekate appears - then I run Atmo. I can restart this several times and it’s OK, but some time the console starts in OFW and the chipe LED is off. It also happens when the console is running for a while, I will turn it off and after turning it on, the chip no longer responds. When I unplug the chip from the eMMC connector and plug it back in, the chip usually restarts correctly. What could be the reason? I have already checked the soldering of the chip to the capacitors several times - everything looks OK. There are no short circuits, I can not see any damage.
Has anyone had a similar problem?

Sorry for my english.

OKAY. I solved the problem. I will write here so that other people know what to do. I had to upload new software to my SXCore- spacecraft-nx. Simple task so everyone should be able to handle it. There is a guide on how to do this on the Sthetix website.
A note from me. 1. If the flashing program freez on “Backing up the current bootloader” then you have a problem with the drivers.
2. After flashing, the chip will take a long time to boot. For me it took about 12 minutes. The LED will blinking green. Later, you should see a progress bar on the screen - red on a white background which looks like a glitch at first.