System error E100 00000706 8007045D

Am I right in saying that these are a waste of time? Spent a half day trying to resurrect one today. Tried usb update, factory reset, internet update, replacing hdd, ect. Still no joy goes to error 101 or 102 sometimes too. Had an old xbox that did the same a long time ago could never fix that either. From what I’ve read it’s blu ray drive corrupted firmware. May try a chip transfer see if that works. Anyone else had any joy fixing these?

Have you seen Andrew Pauls latest video about this?

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Yes I have, tried that today didn’t make any difference. I think the error code last few numbers is something slightly different to Andrews video which is probably why it didn’t resolve it

I have similar issue cause after an beta update. My xbox still have it. I can’t fix it for now.

Try to change an HDD thats so thanks

the biggest problem with e100 errors is that it could be the xboxs disc drive. the xbox needs it original disc drive because it has a daughter board in it. check to see if the dick drive is connected, and check then inside because mine had a broken ribbon cable

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