System reinstallation of a PS4 without daughter board


I got a PS4 (CUH-1116A, SAB-001) which had a supply problem (broken connector on the supply board). I fixed it, inserted new HDD (missing old one) and launched it. Safe mode appeared, so I inserted the USB flash with an update and clicked reinstall. Unfortunately PS4 didn’t want to reinstall the system.

Then I found that the mounted daughter board is the BDP-010, but the laser is the KES490 (what I suppose is that somebody has changed the laser to the wrong one). The laser’s ribbon was insterted in the middle of the wide connector (could that damage the daughter board?). I replaced the ribbon between the motherboard and the daughter board (not all pins had continuity) and I disconnected all ribbons from the optical drive. Still PS4 didn’t want to do the install.

My questions are:

  1. Was SAB-001 being sold with BDP-010 and KES860 laser? Is it possible that I have a wrong daughter board? I don’t see any resolder signs around the Renesas chip.
  2. Can I install the system on a new HDD using only the daughter board (no laser connected)?

Thank you for any advice,

Does the disc drive work? i mean, i know laser is not connected but, does the drive has power? that problem usually happens when daughther board has no power because of a blown fuse… so the motherboard doesn’t detect a daughterboard… (or something like that)…

Do you suggest that the drive should take the disk even with the disconnected laser? I’ll try to check the fuses and the voltage level near the 4-pin socket.