System update fails

I have restarted my xbox.
I have restarted my internet.
I have turned it off, unplugged for several minutes, turned it back on.
I have tried the Offline Update
I have tried to reset my Xbox, both keeping games and keeping nothing.
I have even tried to take it apart for my first time, unplug/replug in the hard drive (my brother’s suggestion)

Here’s the problem: every time I try to do anything with my xbox, it goes to a screen of updating, “Step 2 of 3 Verifying: 100%” and the bottom right is stuck on 52%. After doing every step above, that screen is the first thing that shows up. It fails, “Something Went Wrong” and brings me back to the troubleshooting page. Any option I choose, it goes to “the screen,” fails, and the cycle starts over again. Why is this happening?

The error codes I get are E100 and E100 I’m pretty sure but that just depends on what option I try. I’m at a loss of what to do.

Note, I haven’t seen any screen other than those few since it worked. I came home, my xbox sounded like it was on for about an hour before I tried to turn it on, and it immediately came up with the “something went wrong” screen and has been messed up ever since.

I believe I have auto-updates on and I leave it on instant-on. (Unfortunately) I honestly don’t know much about electronics but I’m smart enough to be able to understand looking up or to follow instructions. Please help :,(

Can’t figure out how to edit. I fixed it :))))))

Out of curiosity, how did you fix it? E100 usually means the console can’t communicate with the Blu-Ray drive because it’s either unplugged, faulty or not the original drive.

Well, my brother formatted the drive and ran it through some program. Don’t know which one but it was supposed to allow it to accept updates again/properly (we tried just deleting everything in the update file via a hookup to a pc but after that it wouldn’t do anything)
Then he redownloaded the offline update to my usb and it just… accepted it.