System update fails

I have restarted my xbox.
I have restarted my internet.
I have turned it off, unplugged for several minutes, turned it back on.
I have tried the Offline Update
I have tried to reset my Xbox, both keeping games and keeping nothing.
I have even tried to take it apart for my first time, unplug/replug in the hard drive (my brother’s suggestion)

Here’s the problem: every time I try to do anything with my xbox, it goes to a screen of updating, “Step 2 of 3 Verifying: 100%” and the bottom right is stuck on 52%. After doing every step above, that screen is the first thing that shows up. It fails, “Something Went Wrong” and brings me back to the troubleshooting page. Any option I choose, it goes to “the screen,” fails, and the cycle starts over again. Why is this happening?

The error codes I get are E100 and E100 I’m pretty sure but that just depends on what option I try. I’m at a loss of what to do.

Note, I haven’t seen any screen other than those few since it worked. I came home, my xbox sounded like it was on for about an hour before I tried to turn it on, and it immediately came up with the “something went wrong” screen and has been messed up ever since.

I believe I have auto-updates on and I leave it on instant-on. (Unfortunately) I honestly don’t know much about electronics but I’m smart enough to be able to understand looking up or to follow instructions. Please help :,(

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