System update gone wrong

Yesterday I got an Xbox One X error while updating the console over wifi: E100 00000703 8091000D. The warranty expired a week ago. I tried to hold down the power button 10+seconds and removed the power cord, it did not help. Also the power button and bind button (hearing the peep). Factory Reset (both options, keep the games or not) also took me back to the update screen, where the screen is stuck at 59% (verification stage 2 out of 3). So my console is basically a brick and nothing can be done here?

did you try to update offline with a usb?

I forgot to mention that I tried it too. %'s where it gets stuck is a bit different, but overall nothing changed.

Can anyone tell me what kind of chip or thing I have to replace or is it at all repairable? Microsoft support asked for the price of a new console for repair. I said no thanks.