Tablets for Refurbishment

So I had someone in the area ask my business about buying some tablets for refurbishment. I haven’t delved into tablets, so I am unsure. I really don’t see anyone really using tablets anymore. Is there any money to be made in that? Most look like broken screens, but of course I am unsure until I get them apart and see. Thinking the screen will be as much as the tablet is worth.

I’ve always considered the vast majority of tablets to be not worth repairing if you’re looking to make a profit. The exception of course would be iPads…if you get the right deal on those there’s probably some money to be made. Keep in mind though that I don’t repair tables as a business so I could be wrong here.

They’re ball cheap models. RCA, Samsung Tab 4, Amazon Fire. Just nothing exciting, and I haven’t seen people outside construction and medical use a tablet since the fad died out. Yeah I’m just iffy on it if it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

Yep, my opinion is that those types of tablets are worth basically nothing…but like I said I don’t know that part of the industry that well. Maybe someone else who sees this and knows more will comment.

Hey there,
I also don’t repair tablets as business, but I have fixed a few. Usually, if you buy a good screen it costs as much as the value of the tablet is. At least if you buy small quantities.
I agree with @tronicsfix. For some iPad it might be worth the effort, also because they usually are quite easy to fix. Otherwise, financially it is hardly worth the effort.

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ipads are really the only thing id say are profitable and worth your time. specifically digitizers. LCDs are expensive.
people generally see value in getting a large screen fixed. and in my experience most of them go for it. even when its about 139. for an ipad a1822 glass replacement.
i would give it a go. mostly just ipad 5 and up.
as for minis. the replacement is so simple and fast i’d say do them all.
watches are the absolute worst.