The silent Speeder, that should be noisy

Hey I am more a silent watcher of the videos but i have an problem and dont find a solution.

My son has the Luke Skywalker’s Land Speeder by Radio Flyer. It is a sunny day in good old Germany, so he wanted to take it for a ride. It ran completely normal but the sound effects dont work anymore.

The LEDs do all light up just a little which I guess is already a sign for a fault, when it is connected to power. But nothing else happens.
Can anybody tell me where to start to find the issue. I am a total newbie to this.

Cant upload a picture of the PCB yet, because I am new =/

You can upload a picture at a hoster and post the link as code.

http s: //ibb (dot) co/bs0N4Xh

http s: //ibb (dot) co/hmd1F10

Cant post links too =/

I would check for shorts at the caps, check if the resistors are ahve aprox the right resistance, test the diode and see if the mosfet? passes voltage.

Thanks for uploading the images.

I left my Multimeter at a friends place. But as soon as i got it back i will start checking it this way. Thanks so far.

I will report what i found out.