Thermal Grizzly Carbonaut PS5

has anyone used thermal Grizzly Carbonaut as a replacement for liquid metal on the PS5?

well, since no one tried, I did It myself. Been using the carbonaut as replacement for LM for 3 months and no once got an overheating issue. And I get here in brazil around 32 celsius room temperature.

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Thank you for your feedback, do you mix the Carbonaut with original LM from ps5 or you clean old up and paste all new ?

I removed the LM entirely from motherboard and heatsink, after all cleaned I put the carbonaut perfectly cut for the die size.

Works like a charm and no spilling risk or need to respread due to dry spots.

Oh, I just realize you talking about the reusable thermal pad Carbonaut not Conductonaut LM from Thernal Grizzly. lol

Yep, the carbonaut, works just fine as alternative.