Theta Miles CD Player Repair

I am very experienced when it comes to replacing boards and identifying damage in devices. I mainly Just work on replacing the parts I see are damaged.
I am looking into learning and understanding more about repairing boards.

I currently have a device I got for free
Theta Miles CD Player with an analog option

The Digital output works fines and have no issues with that.
As for the Analog output, I need to max out the volume on both my speaker and the device to hear anything.

I was thinking there may be something wrong with the output board, but as I am still new to this portion of repair I am not sure 100% on where to start.
I have taken a look at the board i suspect is the issue and can post some photos later. From what I see, there is no signs of damage nor do any of the capacitors look bad. Being a 90s high end audio device, they may need to be replaced. There are a lot though…

Any suggestions one What I should look for?

Please see images here of suspected board

imgur (dot) com/a/oduhvQS