This is a new one on me, switch won't power up

So, I have this Switch that will not power up or charge. unplugged the battery to try a known good battery and it powered up without touching anything as soon as the battery was connected. First the Nintendo logo, then the Switch logo and finally black. Dead, won’t turn on again with power button. Unplug the battery and plug it back in the cycle starts all over again. No shorts, USB-C port is good.

Maybe the power button is stuck or shorted?

unplug the power button from the motherboard. Plug in battery, then plug in charger. Switch should boot fine.
If it does power button is broken.

The symptoms you describe is if the power button is constantly engaged so switch powers on and then powers off after 22 seconds similar to holding the power button down for a reset.

That was it, thanks. Replaced the on/ff, vol board and it boots up.

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Well, it boots and it charges, but…

while it is charging, it will not power up. Unplug the charger and it still won’t power up. unplug the battery and plug it back in, it powers up. start charging it again it charges and the cycle starts all over. Gotta love these Switch’s.