Too much Thermal Paste? Blown APU?

My PS4 Pro Spiderman Edition sounded like a jet engine. I watched your video on youtube, I took it apart, and cleaned the whole thing. I spread a thin layer of thermal paste instead of doing just the dab of paste. When I put it back together it the first time the two prongs went back into the power supply with difficulty. It seemed a bit weird to line up in the first place and they did go in. I finished and booted it up to get the supposed blue light of death. I have taken it apart 3 more times, cleaning it more diligently each time, only doing the dab of thermal paste, making sure the prongs line up perfectly going into the power supply. Each time I still got the blue light on and immediately turning off. I kind of accepted that I blew my APU out but can you use too much thermal paste? Or do you think I blew out my APU by not lining those prongs going into the Power supply properly? Is there potentially something I am overlooking or should I just accept that my PS4 is an expensive paper weight?

My money would be on an issue from plugging the power supply in incorrectly or there is another issue elsewhere. Too much thermal paste may make a mess, but it shouldn’t do damage.

are you tighting up correctly the apu clamp?

Exactly same thing happened to me I wud appreciate any one who cud help us with issue, but I recently found a reputable repair shop in my area I’ll b taking my console there let’s see wat he has to say . Fingers crossed